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In addition to traditional hourly billing we have instituted a new approach to legal fees, flat fee billing.  Flat Fee billing is a new trend in how lawyers get paid. The premise is simple, one flat fee amount is agreed upon beforehand between the attorney and client. There’s no worry about hourly billing, future bills, or wondering how much everything will cost. Flat Fee has the advantage of giving you the client the knowledge to know what your legal bills will be before you decide to retain an attorney.

Initial Consultation

Receive a 30 minute initial consultation for $25.  This amount will be applied towards any flat fee upon retention.

What is Fixed Fee or flat-fee pricing?

As a client you will know up front what you will pay for legal services. Many kinds of legal work can be done with a one time fee paid up front, including uncontested divorces, back child support, and prenuptial agreements. Other, more complicated work can be accomplished with a flat fee for a certain period of time or a flat fee unless trial is necessary.

What about complicated Matters?

Difficult litigation whether it be a highly disputed divorce or child custody matter can be handled on a time basis. Every six months you will be billed. If your case is finished in that time frame you will not be billed again.

Additional Costs

Your flat fee payment will include 100% of the attorney’s fees, unless the matter goes to trial. Trials are the only exception because of the large amount of time that goes into preparation for each day of trial. The costs for a trial will be detailed up front during the consultation. Most cases, over 90% settle before trial.

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